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Drought Drives High Hay Prices and Demand

Man in a cowboy hat with two dogs standing on a hay bale

Despite the challenges many are facing across the state, families, ranchers, neighbors and individuals continue to band together to enjoy each other’s company and the way of life. Hard times may fall on many this year, but the Montana rancher is built for times like these.

The Importance of Water Rights in Montana

Three Forks River Ranch for Sale in Montana

The Importance of Water Rights in Montana Water rights in Montana are considered by many to be a landowner’s most valuable asset. A water right is a piece of real property, registered with the state of Montana and the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation. An old saying in Montana is that “whiskey is for drinking, […]

Angling’s Antidote for Cabin Fever

Downed tree on the banks of the Bitterroot River in Montana

Flanked by jagged mountain peaks flush with snow, the Bitterroot Valley in western Montana is home to one of fly fishing’s most anticipated events. It is not a festival or a film tour and it doesn’t have a defined start or finish, but for Montana anglers the skwala stonefly hatch on the Bitterroot River is affirmation that winter is in the rearview.

Spring Time in Montana: Calving

Cow and calf walking across a field on a Montana ranch for sale

Springtime in Montana: Calving Season You can tell it’s calving season in Montana by the ever-present horses standing saddled, 24 hours a day, outside of barns across the state. There’s no better vantage than sitting six feet above the ground for spotting a cow going into labor in the calving pen. Bill Boyce, a 4th-generation […]