First Look at New Offerings Near Bozeman

Western Ranch Brokers has several new listings to announce – and more to follow in the coming weeks. Today’s sneak peek at our new offerings include two cattle operations within 30 minutes of two of Montana’s  largest cities – the Basin Ranch near Billings and the Milligan Canyon Ranch near Bozeman

The Importance of Water Rights in Montana

Water rights in Montana are considered by many to be a landowner’s most valuable asset. A water right is a piece of real property, registered with the state of Montana and the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation. An old saying in Montana is that “whiskey is for drinking, water is for fighting.” Usable water rights […]

Agricultural Operations Available Across Montana

Western Ranch Brokers offers multiple agricultural operations across Montana. This includes the M&E Ranch which is a classic beef cattle operation located in the wide open country of south central Montana. Also offered is Rahn Silver Sage Ranch, a productive grain operation located within 30 minutes of Bozeman, a highly sought-after area in southwest Montana.

Angling’s Antidote for Cabin Fever

Flanked by jagged mountain peaks flush with snow, the Bitterroot Valley in western Montana is home to one of fly fishing’s most anticipated events. It is not a festival or a film tour and it doesn’t have a defined start or finish, but for Montana anglers the skwala stonefly hatch on the Bitterroot River is affirmation that winter is in the rearview.

Spring Time in Montana: Calving

SPRINGTIME IN MONTANA | CALVING SEASON You can tell it’s calving season in Montana by the ever-present horses standing saddled, 24 hours a day, outside of barns across the state. There’s no better vantage than sitting six feet above the ground for spotting a cow going into labor in the calving pen. Bill Boyce, a […]