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This is arguably the best value on the market for a grass ranch. True cattlemen will appreciate what it has to offer. For someone looking for a low cost high performance operation the Gang ranch must be considered. April calves come off the scale in excess of 600 lbs in mid October. This is due to easy pasture rotation with clean fresh water readily available.

  • 1 hour from Billings, Montana ‘s largest city, 2 hours fromBozeman and Montana State University
  • Easily accessible from I-90, 20 minutes from Columbus class B schools
  • Ample and dependable water sources create strong grass country
  • Mild winters and productive summers
  • Adequate improvements include corrals, shop, and calving barn with an apartment

The Gang Ranch is conveniently located close enough to Billings (1 hr) to allow any amenities a person would want within a short drive. For schools and day to day trade the town of Columbus is 20 min away.

A farming and ranching community 25 miles north of Columbus between Hailstone National Wildlife Refuge andHalfbreed National Wildlife Refuge, in Stillwater County, Rapelje is home to just over 110 residents. Both are a part of the Big Lake Complex and the most productive areas in central Montana for waterfowl and shorebirds. The refuge is a breeding ground for migratory birds and other wildlife. In 1913, the community’s name was changed from “Lake Basin” to Rapelje, and was named for J. M.Rapelje, general manager and vice president of the Northern Pacific Railway. Rapelje served as a railroad destination point throughout the 1800’s and created a thriving community in Northern Stillwater County. The railroad was taken out in 1980. The small community now sustains on an agriculture base which supports a school, café,and Post Office. Rapelje is home to Montana’s original 24-hour endurance mountain bike race held on the weekend in June closest to the summer solstice.

Adequate improvements include working corrals, an insulated machine shop, and a convenient calving barn with a 1bd 1 ba apartment.

Any and all water rights associated with this property convey at closing.

Under current management cattle are wintered using an average of 3/4 ton of hay per head. There is no hay base by design. The small amount of hay that is required can be purchased easily and affordably from nearby hay producers. Very little equipment or additional labor is required to operate this ranch.


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