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Conveniently situated on the South East end of the Deer Lodge Valley with convenient county road access via nearby I90, the Girard Creek Grazing Unit combines 1,189± ac of productive native pasture and a United State Forest Service grazing allotment on over 16,000± adjacent acres. Historically used as a late spring and summer pasture unit for 200 cattle that utilize the mountain pastures’ supply of plentiful water and quality forage. This is one of the best livestock grazing opportunities to purchase in today’s market.

In the recent Montana drought, the value of summer grass has vastly increased. The mountain pastures of the Girard Creek Grazing Unit will provide a reliable and highly productive addition to any current cattle operation.
  • Approximately 30 miles from Butte, Montana with easy access to I-90
  • 1,189± deeded acres of native pasture
  • 16,000± acre US Forest Service 200 Animal Unit grazing allotment
  • In 2021 the lease cost was $950 which breaks down to $1.36 per AUM
  • 5 water tanks total, all fed by a well and pipeline system
  • Girard Creek flows through the upper and lower pastures
  • All water and mineral rights owned by Seller to convey at closing

Girard Creek Grazing unit is located approximately 1 mile East off I-90 off the Warm Springs exit, just south of Deer Lodge, Montana. Near the historic small towns of Anaconda and Deer Lodge and only a 30 minute drive to the city of Butte. Adjacent to Deer Lodge National Forest giving access to thousands of acres of public land.

Improvements on Girard Creek Grazing Unit are simple by design requiring minimal maintenance and annual cost. There are 2 pastures each with barbed wire perimeter fencing in good condition along with a set of wooden corrals at the county road entrance where cattle can be sorted and loaded. There is also power and a well at the lower corrals that supplies water to the corrals and a poly-pipeline that runs to 3 stock tanks spread throughout on the lower pasture and 2 stock tanks on the upper pasture. These tanks have not been used in recent years because cattle are brought in the early summer when Girard Creek has high flow water in both deeded pastures.The tanks and pipeline are checked annually to ensure they are operational if needed. The boundary and interior fence lines are in good condition and are ready to support cattle instantly. There is a set of wooden corrals at the county road entrance on the bottom pasture where cattle are unloaded in the spring and turned out to pasture. The improvements are easy to operate and maintain.

All the improvements are operational and the next owner can be assured of peace-of-mind knowing the property is ‘cattle ready’.

The Girard Creek Grazing Unit has historically operated a summer unit pasture for 200 head of mother cows from Mid May to beginning of October. Cattle are typically brought to the lower pasture around May 15th and are turned out on the fresh spring grass for approximately 30 days before being turned up to the USFS Permit pastures on June 15th. Cattle will then be rotated through 5 pastures throughout the grazing season in accordance with the already in place USFS grazing plan before being brought back to the lower deeded pastures by the end of the permit date which is September 30th. Cattle can be worked in the corrals and pens at the lower pastures and either be hauled home, or walked to their next destination if nearby.
Both the deeded ground and permit pastures are very well watered. Livestock have access to multiple water sources which maximizes the utilization of the pastures by having solid cattle disbursement. The deeded acre has a good producing well that distributes water to livestock tanks via a buried poly pipeline. The deeded ground lower pasture has 2 tanks on the pipeline, and the upper pasture has 3 tanks on the pipeline. Girard Creek flows through both the upper and lower deeded pastures providing early season mountain spring water to the livestock.
The Permit pastures provide some of the best forage quality to be found in today’s market. The high elevation gathers more precipitation than the valleys below allowing for ample feed and reliable water. There are numerous natural and improved springs on the USFS permit that supply a network of stock tanks scattered throughout each pasture. There are also seasonal and year round streams and creeks that provide livestock water sources.
There are 3 other commercial cattle ranches that run ‘in common’ on this USFS permit. Each permittee is responsible for maintenance on a predetermined number of springs and boundary fence lines.
The cost of the USFS Grazing Permit is approximately $1,200/year or $1.50/AUM (animal unit month). This is by far and away one of the best summer grazing rates to be found on the market today. There is a 10 year grazing plan currently in place that in 2022 will be in its 7th year.
The Girard Creek Grazing unit is a unique offering that combines productive deeded summer pasture with a user-friendly Forest Service allotment. Ideally located just minutes from Deer Lodge and Anaconda, the ranch access is simple and the improvements are immediately ready to support cattle.
  • Approximately 30 miles from Butte, Montana with easy access to I-90
  • 1,189± Deeded Acres of native range and pasture
  • 16,000± Acre US Forest Service 200 AU grazing allotment
  • The cost of the grazing allotment in 2021 was $950/year or $1.36/AUM
  • 5 water tanks total, 2 well fed on the lower pasture and 3 on the upper pasture
  • Girard Creek flows through the upper and lower pastures
  • All water and mineral rights owned to convey at closing


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