Market Update Q2 2021

Needless to say, Montana ranch properties continue to be in high demand. Earlier this month, ranch appraiser Andy Rahn from Montana Land Source shared his annual 2020 Montana Land Market Values & Statistics with the Montana Farm & Ranch Brokers Association.

Market Update for Q2 of 2021

Fence and windmill at dusk on a Montana ranch

After a busy first quarter, the second quarter of 2021 was equally as active for the Montana farm and ranch property market. Andy Rahn from Montana Land Source, the source for all land listings on the Montana land market, made a few comments regarding the continued trends of the market so far:

“If you remember from previous reports and videos for the first half of 2021, we saw more properties leaving the market week after week than coming on the market. About mid year, the land market has responded and supply is starting to match or catch up with demand. We’re still under supplied and still have incredibly high demand for properties in Montana so we are still in that environment. Again, this level of sales and pending sales is very strong and very healthy. So just continuing on with this incredible, very robust market.”

On trend with the highly active Montana market, Western Ranch Brokers had a record breaking second quarter that included closing transactions of the following properties:

Sunset reflecting in winding river on a Montana ranch

Western Ranch Brokers was equally as busy bringing new properties onto the market, including:

As we slip into the second half of the summer, it has never been a better time to bring your property onto the market. When it comes time to pass on your ranch’s ownership, the Western Ranch Brokers team combines look-you-in-the-eye integrity and boots-on-the-ground knowledge with forward thinking marketing tools and highly qualified buyers.

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