Meet Haven Meged

Western Ranch Brokers is proud to announce our new sponsorship of World Champion Tie Down Roper and Montana native Haven Meged.

Meet Haven Meged

Western Ranch Brokers is proud to announce our new sponsorship of World Champion Tie Down Roper and Montana native, Haven Meged. Originally from Miles City, Montana, Haven came in hot to the rodeo scene, making his impressive debut in 2019 and ending the year as a World Champion at the Wrangler NFR, placing in 5 rounds and finishing with $126,135 in earnings. Holding the number three spot worldwide for tie-down roping, he and his well-recognized 10-year-old horse Beyonce can handle 10 head in an average time of 85.7 seconds. 

Western Ranch Brokers sat down with Haven to find out more about him, his roping career and why Montana will always be his home.

Raised in the saddle, Haven has been involved in ranching for his entire 23 years. He dreams of someday becoming a ranch owner himself, commenting that he wouldn’t know what to do with his life if ranching wasn’t part of it. Haven also noted how thankful he is for the jumpstart his parents have given him to be successful.

The Meged family owns the Miles City Livestock Commission, running livestock auctions at one of the oldest stockyards in the West. Meged says, “Montana was where I was raised, it will always feel like home.” He also noted that despite tough winters, Montana is where his cows are, and being around ranches and herds of cattle is the life he’s always known. Haven spent his childhood on and around the ranch and feels that growing up in Big Sky country “was a huge blessing.”

When he’s out traveling on the rodeo circuit, Haven enjoys seeing new places in Montana and fishing when and where he can. No stranger to hard work—both in and out of the rodeo arena—when asked about his favorite things to do in his downtime, Haven replied that he doesn’t really have any. Still actively working on the family ranch or at the sale barn, there is always something for him to do. “I’m always moving cows, putting bulls out, checking water or mending fences. It changes all the time.” On the rare occasion he’s not working for his father or collecting buckles, Haven enjoys a game of basketball or a well deserved dinner out at the Rib Chop House in Billings or the Black Iron Grill in Miles City. 

Haven Meged in cowboy hat holding rope

Talking about his future, the already successful roper has his eyes on the National Finals this year and plans on competing in the rodeo circuit “until (he) can’t rodeo no more.” Meged expects at least another 7 years as a competitive roper, a career he’s worked his whole life for, but looks forward to the day when he can spend more time in Montana and enjoy a slower pace of life. “There are always going to be cows and a ranch to come back to”, he says. Right now he is enjoying life on the road and the new people and places that come with it. “You never know who you will meet out here. I would never get that chance if I was at home on the ranch in Montana.”

Haven has known Bill Boyce of Western Ranch Brokers for as long as he can remember. Competing on the high school rodeo scene with Bill’s son Brady and working with three-time Montana Pro Rodeo Circuit tie-down roping champion, Brett Fleming, Haven remembers hearing all the stories of Brett and Bill in their rodeo glory days.  Now a legend in his own right, Haven is out there on the road meeting new people and collecting stories of his own. As an ambassador for Western Ranch Brokers, he helps get the word out about the ranch brokerage. “I have the opportunity to reach a lot of people in the Western industry, and it’s cool to be out here on the road talking to a wide variety of people about Montana and Western Ranch Brokers.”

Reserved when it comes to talking about his accomplishments, Haven did share his advice for young people that have seen his success and dream of following in his footsteps:

Don’t ever give up. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve what you have in mind. Work as hard as you can. If you want to work like an average person, you will never be successful. Work sunup to sundown, and you have the potential to be the best.

Haven attributes his success as a roper to hard work and putting in the practice hours. Going through the basic steps of roping every day gives him the confidence that he can always fall back to the basics in the heat of competition, hopefully avoiding those little mistakes that end up costing big money. 

With a strong 2021 season behind him, including six rodeo wins (Montana Circuit Finals, Old Fort Days (Arkansas), St. Paul (Oregon) and the prestigious San Angelo Roping Fiesta), Western Ranch Brokers is looking forward to seeing what Haven does this year. When asked what he wants people to remember about him, Haven said, “That I dang sure worked hard, and was a good person.” 

Western Ranch Brokers is happy to be able to support this talented Montanan.

Keep up with Haven Meged’s season on the rodeo circuit on his Facebook page and stay up to date on the Montana ranch real estate market with Western Ranch Brokers.

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