Selling Your Ranch in 2022

Why now is the best time to sell your ranch.

Selling Your Ranch in 2022

In these unprecedented times, the demand for Montana ranch real estate has risen to an all time high. The remote real estate trend has brought an influx of buyers to Montana who are seeking outdoor spaces over city centric locations. Rising inflation and a volatile stock market have made rural real estate investments an attractive option for protecting capital. Working cattle ranches have been just as sought after as recreational properties, demonstrated by the sale of two of Montana’s biggest real estate transactions in history, the Climbing Arrow Ranch near Bozeman, and the Matador – Beaverhead Ranch in Dillon. 

After a banner year of ranch sales in 2021, many are left wondering: how long will the record real estate market last? Indicators for 2022 don’t show the demand for Montana land slowing down anytime soon, but the number of available listings have dropped dramatically this year already. The challenge for ranch sales in 2022 will not be selling a ranch, but finding a ranch to sell.

The Inventory Crisis

Though Montana land prices are at an all time high, many sellers have decided not to list their property because they can’t find a suitable replacement property. The median listing price per acre in 2022 (for property over 200 acres) is $2,320/ac compared to $1,559/ac just two years ago. The record number of real estate transactions in 2021 also had a significant effect on the inventory levels for 2022. Many properties that were on the market for years finally sold in 2021, leaving a very small portfolio of remaining land to sell, bringing Montana ranch real estate listings to an all time low. This drastic reduction in supply will likely drive competition, and prices, even higher. This may push more sellers, especially owners of “legacy ranches” to consider an off-market transaction according to Montana Land Source. Private real estate transactions provide an opportunity for sellers to test the market and see if higher than ever listing prices will deter buyers, without marketing the opportunity publicly.

It’s a Sellers Market

Although the number of ranch real estate transactions in Montana are likely to be much lower this year, the unfaltering demand for ranch real estate makes 2022 a great time to sell. According to Caleb Campbell, Broker at Western Ranch Brokers, there is an incredible opportunity for sellers who can enter the hottest real estate market in history:

The Montana ranch real estate market is at heights never seen before. If the notion of selling has ever presented itself, I’d say this is the best time in history to fetch the best possible price for your land asset. While off-market listings are a must for some people’s situation, open market listings can bring multiple buyers and competitive bidding that can give you the most return. We pride ourselves on having the best marketing in the business coupled with the most down-to-earth brokers and support team. So please give us a call and we can discuss the best plan for your property and your family.

Buyers are still seeking Montana land in 2022, although they may be more discerning as the prices continue to climb, the sheer number of interested buyers almost guarantees that once listed, a sale is not far behind. The decision to sell your ranch is an important one for you and your family. Working with a broker you can trust to advise you, and who is an expert in Montana ranch real estate, is a must. 

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Why Sell with Western Ranch Brokers

Western Ranch Brokers, led by Jim Toth, Bill Boyce and Caleb Campbell, represents buyers and sellers of Montana ranch real estate. Their experience in both the real estate business and their boots-on-the-ground knowledge of ranching and outfitting, brings a unique perspective to the brokerage. The founders of Western Ranch Brokers understand the values of ranching in Montana, and use their personal and professional experiences to help their clients make the best decisions when it comes to selling their ranch. The team at Western Ranch Brokers are more than just “ranch specialists” or “recreational land brokers”, they understand ranching as both a business and as recreation. Jim, Bill and Caleb have experience in successfully selling all types of Montana ranch property, from small family owned cattle operations to luxury recreational retreats with one of a kind amenities. 

The increased demand for ranch property in Montana has created a very fast paced sales cycle. Partnering with a broker who knows the ins and outs of the Montana market is critical for navigating the process successfully. Jim, Bill and Caleb are able to provide sellers with accurate property valuations and have expert level knowledge in the transactional aspects of buying and selling ranches. Their experience working on a variety of deals means they understand the unique needs of every sale. Whether it’s a confidential transaction that caters to the intricacies of navigating family interests and dynamics, or a search for the right buyer to carry on your legacy, Western Ranch Brokers has proven their ability to get the deal done.

More important than ever, in the Montana real estate market, is the ability to connect the right buyers with the right sellers. Having built long lasting relationships both inside and outside of the ranch real estate business, Western Ranch Brokers has created an unparalleled network of buyers that like working with them and above all, are highly interested in the Montana ranch real estate market. When you work with Western Ranch Brokers, you’re not getting a broker, you’re getting Jim, Bill and Caleb—and everything they know about Montana. Their connections to it. And their connections to people who want to be in Montana. Western Ranch Brokers nationwide broker affiliations and exclusive alliance with Christie’s International Real Estate in Montana, extends the brokerages’ reach to an additional network of high-net-worth individuals on a local, national and global scale.

True Montanans, Jim, Bill and Caleb are reliable, hard-working, and approachable – the kind of people you can trust with something as important as the legacy of your ranch. The kind of people you wouldn’t mind having a beer with either.

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