The Importance of Water Rights in Montana

The Importance of Water Rights in Montana

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Water rights in Montana are considered by many to be a landowner’s most valuable asset. A water right is a piece of real property, registered with the state of Montana and the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation.

An old saying in Montana is that “whiskey is for drinking, water is for fighting.” Usable water rights can significantly increase a property’s agricultural operations and recreational attributes.

Understanding water rights in Montana can also be confusing. Not all water rights are the same, and there are multiple stipulations to consider when determining whether or not a landowner has the right to use the water available.

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Western Ranch Brokers’ Caleb Campbell and his family have been in the water right investment and brokerage business in Montana for two generations. Caleb understands water rights and the value they bring to a transaction. He also knows the complexities and speaks the language of water rights with ease. Caleb is able to offer extensive insights and knowledge about the use and value of water rights.

Whether you are considering selling a property or searching for a new property to purchase, understanding the water rights associated with that property is vital to each ranch transaction. The Western Ranch Brokers team is competent and supplies diligent support to buyers and sellers alike through this integral process.

Large river flowing through a Montana ranch with water rights

If you are interested in learning more about water rights and the role they play in ranch transactions, contact us at (406) 589-4160,

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