Top Broker Podcast: Featuring Jim Toth

Real estate broker and podcaster Phil Wells interviews Western Ranch Broker's Jim Toth on an episode of Top Broker to talk about Jim's background, how he got into Montana ranch real estate and his advice for success in the ranch real estate market.

Top Broker Podcast: Featuring Jim Toth

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The Top Broker Podcast (available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify) is a new podcast featuring interviews with top real estate professionals across the country. Hosted by New York real estate broker Chris Wells, the podcast digs into how top performing real estate agents found success in their specific market and some of the lessons they learned along the way.

In the latest episode of Top Broker, Phil sat down with Western Ranch Brokers’ very own Jim Toth to talk about his background and how he got into the business of selling ranches. Jim also shares some of his industry insights, such as how a Montana ranch is valued, who is interested in buying a Montana ranch and discusses everything from the changes to the ranch real estate market in the last 20 years, to the way to show a property that is thousands of acres.

Enjoy a sneak peak of the podcast below:


Tune in to the Top Broker podcast to listen to the full episode and find out what Jim attributes his success to, what’s ahead for the ranch real estate market and to hear a few good stories from Jim as well.

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