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The Utility Solutions municipal water rights being offered can be used to serve new development within the “Triangle Growth Area” adjacent to Bozeman, MT in the beautiful Gallatin Valley. Gallatin County has been the fastest growing County in MT since 2010 and Bozeman has maintained one of the strongest economies for business growth and start-ups. The high demand for new housing coupled with a shortage of inventory makes this an excellent opportunity for development and investment in the future growth of the Gallatin Valley. Housing developments in Gallatin Valley are dictated by the availability of central water/sewer facilities.

Aerial shot of Gallatin Valley residential neighborhoods

The water right offered is able to serve the needs of new development through connection to existing facilities, or can be used in the development/construction of new water systems. This investment opportunity gives the new owner the discretion to subdivide and control development within the service area of the water right.

Water pump representing water rights for sale

Utility Solutions developed and operated two central water systems and one central wastewater system which have been serving the greater Four Corners Area more than a decade. In 2015 Utility Solutions sold the water and wastewater systems to the Four Corners County Water and Sewer District (FCCWSD). Utility Solutions LLC retained water rights that can be used to serve future projects and developments within its place of use.

Water and sewer pipes near Four Corners in Bozeman Montana

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