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The Greenhorn Hideout consists of 1,461+/- deeded contiguous acres of absolutely pristine, Montana alpine property. Located Northwest of the Montana capital city of Helena, nestled in the foothills that lead into the Helena National Forest. The property has been used as a family retreat most recently. Surrounded by other properties similar in size, it offers a unique environment of attractive landscapes, superlative viewsheds, abundant wildlife, and total privacy. Literally end of the road privacy. High-quality improvements consist of an appealing three-level 5,612± sqft residence with attached 2,000± sqft garage/shop and it’s the only structure on the property.

The grounds around the home are immaculately landscaped providing an incredible comfortable home feel. Big game and other wildlife are abundant, which has been managed and improved to maximize wildlife viewing as well as hunting pursuits. The Greenhorn Hideout is an easy drive, 30 minutes away from Helena, MT, on well maintained gravel roads leading to a paved highway. The owners built the incredible beautiful custom log home to serve as a meeting and recreational place for their large family. Every detail of what a family retreat may need has been thought through and provided on this property.

The area has a long history of gold discoveries, cattle ranching and timber harvest. Greenhorn Hideout has a little bit of all of it. Approximately half of the ranch that borders the National Forest along Greenhorn Creek, was at one time divided up into numerous small mining claims. This portion of the ranch was logged 60+ years ago. The current stewardship has nurtured this land to the point that it is hard to detect much of its past uses. The other half of the ranch was used as Summer grazing before the current owners purchased it. It has never been logged and is home to some of the most mature, old growth Ponderosa Pine & Douglas Fir you will ever see.  Combined, you will not find very many properties that exhibit this level of healthy land, forest and beauty. “Pristine” is not descriptive enough. The Greenhorn section of the ranch is currently leased out for grazing in the Summer time. Minimal use (80-100) animal units for a short 3 month period, currently holding 35 units. The Skelly Gulch section is not grazed at all and is managed to help proliferate the wildlife populations.

Near the entrance to the ranch, a series of spring fed ponds have been developed. The springs originate on top of a ridge and the ponds are built in a cascading fashion down the side of the hill. Each is stocked with Cutthroat Trout and provide a recreational opportunity as well as wildlife habitat. The property is littered with additional  mountain springs, many of which could be further developed to provide cattle or wildlife water sources.

Because of the property’s mixed use history, numerous old logging and miner’s paths criss-cross the far South end of the ranch allowing easy access to almost every corner of the land. This allows for total enjoyment of all the natural amenities the property offers.

The ranch is completely perimeter fenced. This is a rarity on any ranch in Montana and especially when talking about a mountainous property such as this. Because of topographical barriers, many ranches are never totally fenced in and if they are, sections of the fence are not of quality. The owners have gone to significant time and expense to provide this unique appurtenance.

The ranch lies within Montana hunting District 343, this district is a general draw area for elk and deer hunting. Non-resident tags are easily obtained through a drawing with an approximately 80% success rate. The archery season for elk Sept. 1-Oct. 15 is prime time for elk on the ranch. The abundance of water and management of grazing, make Greenhorn Hideout a preferred habitat in the early Fall. When the rut is on the timbered areas of the ranch provide cover and the meadows are the stages for unreal rutting activity.

The ranch borders the National Forest for 8 miles, this forest land is hunted fairly heavily. The hunting pressure pushes large numbers of elk onto Greenhorn Hideout where they remain for much of the hunting season. Again, the contrast between food sources on Greenhorn Gulch versus the surrounding public land is preferred by the wapiti. The quality and numbers of game animals on the ranch would be considered top tier in the state. Anywhere from 200-500 head of elk inhabit the ranch and immediate area. The trophy size can range as large as 370” Boone and Crockett with exceptional, individuals occurring occasionally. The varied terrain of this property and its layout lends it to just about any type of hunting you prefer. Archery hunting could be from a blind on a water hole, spot and stalk or still hunting and calling them in. You will not be limited to short half day hunts either. Everything is spread out enough, you will never cover all of this ground in a morning.

The property has been used as a family retreat most recently. Surrounded by other properties similar in size, it offers a unique environment of attractive landscapes, superlative viewsheds, abundant wildlife, and total privacy.

Greenhorn Hideout is offered fully furnished and equipped. Locked gate and security systems are in place. Advanced solar power with massive battery bank and propane backup generator provides “on-grid” living while off-grid.

From on-site fishing and hunting to gold panning and an afternoon adventure on the ranch with the ATVs, there’s plenty to of fun to be had. This property comes fully furnished and equipped.


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