We prioritize our clients’ goals above our bottom line. We are Montana ranch experts who work hard, build relationships, and use our knowledge of the land to sell ranches and get the job done.

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Western Ranch Brokers is about you, not the broker.

We respect the people, the places, and the land and want to ensure the connectedness running through it all lasts. Your legacy is our priority.               

What Our Clients Say

“There’s no one else I’d trust with my family’s legacy than the crew at Western Ranch Brokers. When it’s important, you don’t waste time, you go to the pros that can get it done.” – T.M.JR.


Spring Fly Fishing

Flanked by jagged mountain peaks flush with snow, the Bitterroot Valley in western Montana is home to one of the most anticipated events in fly fishing. It is not a festival or a film tour and it doesn’t have a defined start or finish, but for anglers the stonefly hatch is affirmation that winter is in the rearview.

Calving In Spring

You can tell it’s calving season in Montana by the ever-present horses standing saddled, 24 hours a day, outside of barns across the state. There’s no better vantage than sitting six feet above the ground for spotting a cow going into labor in the calving pen.