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Montana ranch broker Jim Toth

With 20 years of experience as a ranch broker, Jim Toth knows that land is worth more than just its physical assets. With a career built in the agriculture business, private ranch management, and as one of the busiest outfitters in Western Montana, Jim knows the view from the saddle as well as the view from the office and how important they are to each other. But he just might not take off his boots in the conference room.

Jim also understands the value and importance of tillable acreage, how cattle stocking rate affects rangelands, the ins-and-outs of water rights, habitat management, and a lot more. Along with a desire to get to know a prospective seller or buyer, Jim’s ability to gauge a property’s values and understand the desires of a buyer is a large part of his success–the rest of his successes are the result of his approachable and personable demeanor.

Always willing to share a favorite fishing hole or be the one to buy the first round, Jim finds that nearly all of his clients come to him first through business but then remain as friends. In 1991, he opened the Grizzly Hackle fly shop in Missoula, a brand that became synonymous with fly fishing in Southwest Montana. When his fishing clients started turning to him for help buying Montana ranches of their own, ranch brokering became a logical next step in his career. In 2002, he sold the fly shop and dedicated all of his time to ranch brokerage, eventually founding Western Ranch Brokers.

Jim and his wife Cassandra spend time on their small ranch outside of Belgrade, Montana. When not fishing or riding their horses, they enjoy traveling the West to visit their adult children.