Off-Market Transactions

Sellers and buyers alike seek off-market transactions for many reasons, whether it’s for privacy and security or to test the real estate market before committing to a public offering.

Off-Market Transactions

Sellers and buyers seek off-market transactions for a variety of reasons including privacy and security preferences or to test the real estate market before committing to a public offering. This type of real estate transaction requires expertise in connecting sellers to potential buyers without typical advertising or marketing.

Drawing from our network of both personal and professional contacts, Western Ranch Brokers has successfully navigated private ranch transactions on both sides of this type of sale. We have the ability to connect fully vetted buyers with the right listing opportunities without any public marketing of the property. For luxury properties and ranches with a high number of amenities, Western Ranch Brokers can include Christie’s International Real Estate to extend our reach to their exclusive group of clients. Our team has a network of contacts on a local, national and global scale,  enabling us to find the right buyer while still allowing us to maintain client confidentiality.

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To capture the attention of vetted potential buyers, we create custom marketing materials for off-market listings that  are only shared with a select group of individuals. Telling the story of a ranch through brochures, photography, videography, and bespoke marketing materials helps evoke emotion and create a connection to the property for sale. Western Ranch Brokers also coordinates private and personalized events including on-property immersive experiences including private tours, dining and overnight stays. Live virtual property tours or private in-person listing presentations are also arranged as appropriate.

Qualified buyers for off-market listings are often limited to a smaller group of high-net-worth or ulta-high-net-worth individuals due to the cost factor associated with large or unique properties. Working with a ranch broker who has established connections with clients of this caliber, and a known interest in Montana ranch property, is advantageous for these types of transactions. Those in search of off-market properties for sale also benefit from a close relationship with a ranch broker who can make them aware of listings that meet their qualifications and that can be purchased with reduced competition and complete privacy.

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